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Alina Lopez


Alina Lopez has an abundance of what some people may refer to as "social capital". Just being around her makes you a better person. Her energy is infectious, her personality is magnetic, and her body is awe-inspiring. Born in a small rural town in Utah, Alina spent the early part of her life discovering that Mormonism is not for her. Once Alina broke away from the Latter Day Saints, she became somewhat promiscuous and really began exploring her sexuality. She's has been modeling for as long as she can remember, so the transition from wholesome shoots to filthy fuck films was pretty seamless. Now in the industry for about a year, Alina is quickly gaining recognition as one of porn's brightest starlets. She's got around 300k Instagram followers and another 80k on Twitter. That comes out to be about a thousand new fans every day for this first year of her career. That's insane, but also unsurprising considering her assets. Ms. Lopez has the tightest little body you've ever seen. She's got a set of perky and all natural C cup tits, bright green eyes, and a bouncy rump that is uniquely firm. Alina also has a tongue that is so big, it basically has to roll up to fit in her mouth. She's one of those girls that can have your dick halfway down her mouth and still manage to lick your balls simultaneously, it's truly something that needs to be seen to be believed. If that's not enough for you, she's also an ex-gymnast so she's seriously flexible - another underrated trait in porn. Doing Alina justice with words is just about impossible, but that's what VR is for, right? Strap on your Oculus Go and prepare to meet your new favorite porn star.

Videos with Alina Lopez

The After Party VR Porn Video The After Party
18.3 K
June 02, 2023
BaDoink VR
Naughty and Nice VR Porn Video Naughty and Nice
Alina Lopez and 1 other
11.7 K
December 27, 2021
BaDoink VR
Doctor Banger VR Porn Video Doctor Banger
2 K
November 12, 2021
VR Bangers

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