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Chardonnay is a porn star that loves to cum at least once per day. She has filmed many porn genres, but her favorite one is the virtual reality porn and especially if she gets the chance to masturbate. When asked why does she like to film gear vr porn, she answered that once she is masturbating and filming vive porn, it makes her feel more wanted and more intimate as she feels like everyone that is watching her is experiencing the same sexual tension that she is. Chardonnay also enjoys making porn movies with both guys and girls but when asked to choose which she prefers more, she said that a pussy is the women's best friend, so it's clear that she prefers pussy over a dick. Fans of the head mounted display porn can watch her using their Oculus porn gear and even on their iPhones and Android devices. In her spare time, Chardonnay likes to cook and masturbate. Chardonnay masturbates every day and she never lets a full day go without her cum dripping out of her vagina. When it comes to her cooking skills, it's good that she makes her money doing porn and not in a restaurant.

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