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As a sister site of BaDoinkVR, 18VR has taken the technical know-how acquired over the past three years by its older sibling and applied it to a brand new format. With a focus on the hottest teen starlets, threesomes, and anal, 18VR hits a niche that is rarely covered by other VR studios. Like BaDoinkVR, subscribers will receive access to BaDoink VIP, a library of over 10,000+ HD videos, as well as 24/7 customer service, and interactive community feedback forums. Offering ultra-fast streaming as well as quick downloads, users can easily access content in a rush, or download it directly to their device and bring it along for a weekend away. 18VR’s billing system is simple and discrete and representatives can be easily be contacted directly, or through their various feedback forums and social pages. Innovation is also of key importance to the folks at 18VR and they will soon be implementing a hands-free VR theatre mode, making content navigation easier than ever before. If you haven’t yet got yourself kitted out with a headset, fear not, for US-based users will receive a free smartphone compatible headset with their subscription. 18VR’s highly-trained crew now shoots all scenes in crystal-clear 5K resolution creating some of the most immersive VR experiences accessible in the market.

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