A Daughter's Strap-On Approval VR Porn Video
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A Daughter's Strap-On Approval

Starring: Elsa Jean and Richelle Ryan

Uploaded: December 19, 2018

Duration: 21 min

Tags: Lesbian Babe Sex Toys Strap-on Big Tits MILF

Richelle Ryan is in love with Elsa Jean's dad. It was love at first sight and the two have been dating for years. The two, now engaged, are busy planning their wedding, but Elsa does not approve at all. She doesn't like the idea of her dad being with anyone else other than her mom. Plus, Elsa thinks Richelle is a bit of a slut and her dad can do far better. One day, Elsa and Richelle have it out in the kitchen. Elsa tells her soon to be stepmother that she doesn't care for her at all and that she needs to leave her dad's life. Richelle tells Elsa it doesn't matter what she thinks, she is going to marry her dad. Being the older, more mature woman, she asks Elsa what it will take for the two to get along. After all, they are going to be family soon. Elsa storms off to her bedroom and returns to slap Richelle with a giant strap-on dildo, then storms back to the bedroom, her step-mom in fast pursuit The plastic cock slap sends Richelle into a rage. She grabs the toy from Elsa and throws her stepdaughter to the bed. After harnessing up the strap-on, she thrusts it into the mouth of Elsa. Elsa is so caught off guard by the sudden change of events it takes her a minute to realize just how turned on she is. Her step-mom might be a bitch and a slut, but she's sexy as hell. She takes the thick dildo deep into her mouth, swallowing it up as if it was the last cock she'd see in her life. To put her stepdaughter in her place, Richelle knows she needs to dominate her. So, she mounts Elsa from behind and penetrates, doggy style. She pounds hard, pushing her molded cock deeper into Elsa than she'd ever felt in her life. While the moans and yells from Elsa sound like she is submitting, the wet sounds of her pussy reveal she enjoys it. The two continue to fuck, moving from cowgirl to scissoring, all with a bit of pussy eating in between. When they are completely exhausted from multiple orgasms, Elsa looks Richelle in the eyes and says she still can't marry her dad!

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