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Asian Hangover VR Porn Video
  • 4K
  • 60fps
  • 3D
  • 180°
  • Binaural sound

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Asian Hangover

Starring: Mia Li

Uploaded: July 13, 2019

Duration: 29 min

Tags: Tattoos Asian

Have you been playing any sports in college? You know that such sportsmen can get a lot of fame and recognition, not to mention that they’re usually get to fuck all the cheerleaders. In this VR Porn video fantasy, you are a college football hero who won the biggest game of his life last night, the problem is that you partied too much to remember any of it. Partying can be devastative, especially the next day, and when mixed with all the glory driven girls, and a big ass party – damn, you’re lucky that you’re alive! You wake up and can’t believe your eyes – the smoking hot Asian girl Mia Li, one of the sexiest cheerleaders both in the school and that you have ever met, is masturbating with her legs wide spread in front of you! You’re not so sure what have you done to deserve such a quality pussy just for yourself, before you two had an opportunity to celebrate your great victory, but she patiently waited for you to wake up and start the celebration with her, preparing herself in the meantime so her pussy is soaking wet by the time you wake up. Moments later she pulls your huge cock out of your pants and starts sucking on it and licking your balls all over, while getting even more moist and hot in between her legs, until she is finally ready to let you score another victory goal! Maybe now there are two balls in the game – both bouncing in front of you while she’s riding your dick – but there’s still only one base that matters, so you have to fight with that hangover and score another important point for all the VR Bangers’ viewers community!

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