Bridgette B Knows How To Handle Your Joystick VR Porn Video
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Bridgette B Knows How To Handle Your Joystick

Starring: Bridgette B

Uploaded: May 04, 2018

Duration: 20 min

Tags: Blonde Big Tits Deep Throat 360

You are what some people at school refer to as a nerd. You love your comic books. You'd rather stay home and play video games with friends instead of going out to try and find girls. You are what you are and you know what you love. Recently, your dad remarried. Your step mom, Bridgette B is pretty dang hot. Hey, you might be a nerd but you know when a woman is sexy as hell. Recently though, your new step-mom has taken a liking to you. In the midst of a heated battle with friends online, Bridgette walks past you, her tight clothes distracting you from the game. Bridgette starts to ask why you don't dress more chic. But what's wrong with your clothing" Apparently it's too geek for her. She wants you to dress to impress. After all, how else are you going to find a girl" She decides to pull out some clothes from your dad's closet to help. You start to try on the clothes, but apparently you're just not fast enough and Bridgette decides to help you undress. She starts with your belt and fumbles with the zipper. The touch of her hand against your thigh is enough to raise your cock just a bit. By the time she has your pants down to try on a new pair of jeans your dick pops out of your underwear, into her hands. It's big. Massive. And nowhere near how big it can get. Bridgette doesn't know what to say. She just takes it in her hands and looks at it in awe. It's the biggest cock she's ever seen. Before you can say anything she begins to rub her hand up and down your joystick, working it up to a throbbing erection. You're so much bigger than your dad. Bridgette bets you cum so much more as well. Helping you dress chic can wait. Now is time for you to learn how to fuck. She takes your cock in her mouth, twirling her tongue around every inch. She pushes you to the bed and climbs up on top of your pulsating cock, pre cum already running down the side. As she slides down, you wonder why you've spent your time playing with video games instead of playing with girls. No matter, now. Bridgette will get you up to speed. She'll also get all of your cum.

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