Horrible Boss VR Porn Video
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Horrible Boss

Starring: Chantel Santini

Uploaded: October 15, 2018

Duration: 37 min

Tags: Fetish Trans Brunette Shemale

Every boss can become a huge pain in the ass at some point, right? I mean, with all these deadlines, requirements… yeah… And what if she was a Shemale VR porn star? Would you be more forgiving for her in such case? Wear your VR headset right now and find out in the newest anal TS VR porn movie. In the Horrible Boss Shemale VR porn video, Chanel Santini – undeniably one of the hottest performers in the tranny virtual reality adult movies industry – will become your employer, going through a 1-on-1 briefing with you, her favorite employee. In this Shemale VR porn fantasy, Chanel is a big boss who’s running the conference with you and all of your colleagues today. She’s been called by the regional director who’s got pissed by her department’s poor results. She’s doing some numbers on you, telling you all about how to increase your overall efficiency. When her pointers fall on the ground, she accidentally reveals to you that she’s transsexual – you really had no idea, but this is definitely some good news! After learning her little tanny secret, no wonder that you kept staring at her, but she finally has to do something about it – she asks other people to leave the room and starts talking with you 1-on-1. You’ll then find out that even though she’s never liked you and wanted to fire you, she thinks that you have a unique charm and really want to taste this cock of yours. Else you’ll do this, else you’ll get fired – so how it’s gonna be? Wear your VR goggles and experience this immersive anal shemale VR porn video in 4K and 360° to make the decision, and don’t hesitate to make the correct one – in VR Bangers’ virtual reality there’s nothing to feel sorry about!

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