Sex Files (A XXX VR Parody) VR Porn Video
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Sex Files (A XXX VR Parody)

Starring: Joseline Kelly

Uploaded: September 07, 2018

Duration: 13 min

Tags: Sex Toys Vibrator Dildo Small Tits Cosplay Solo

Do you like VR Porn parodies? Such movies are the combinations of the laughs and porno in one, funny and immersive sex scene in virtual reality. We like to produce one of those from time to time, since many of our fans are requesting such films and it is always a lot of fun to make those. In this XXX Virtual Reality Porn video parody, Joseline Kelly, the famous porn star, becomes an FBI agent Lana Scully, who is working for the SEX Files for years. She and her loose cannon partner Rex Mulder investigate unusual sex crimes, also those who are connected with paranormal and abnormal stuff. They have been tracking a notorious pervert who likes to play masturbation games with the girls, and they have recently got on his trail and are getting increasingly closer to catching him. Joseline has located his home address and decided to ambush him there alone, since she has gotten out of time and can not afford the waiting any minute longer. She is coming into the house alone to investigate, but the suspect somehow knew that she was coming and left a few surprises for her. Now she is the one who got ambushed and all she’s gotta left to do is to play the guy’s games, enjoying some huge dildo under her lace black lingerie and business suit. The assistance will not come any soon, so she will have to bare this situation for quite few minutes, while you can sit back and relax to enjoy this view with your VR goggles on your head. Too bad her partner can not see her right now – we are sure that he would get a big hard boner like every fan of VR Porn movies watching this slut masturbate in this high quality scene in 4K definition!

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